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Hello, visitor!
So, you want to know something about this site?
The idea was to create a internet site about TFC with all the information. I mean with all the information. How much damage does a weapon make? What's the range of a grenade's explosion? What leagues existed back in the time and which of them are still active?
Well, the approach of this TFC database is to gather as much information as possible. :)
This project was started by me as a simple website to get back to HTML and learn something else, which I then decided to be PHP. When I think back it's amazing for me how far I've come by just wanting to improve my webdesign skills. (For me it's more about the technical side than the design side.. :D)
Good luck finding what you came for! And if you miss something, just write me an e-mail to orangensaft at :)
TFC Forever!!
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