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Leagues / WPTFCL / WPTFCL sign-up time is over (no official Wireplay statement)posted at 23:10 on 4 May 2012
The deadline that b0nes, the Wireplay TFC admin, announced, is now reached. Thirty minutes after the sign ups should be closed, let's see how many and which teams we have with enough players. The team order is taken directly from the League Preview that b0nes put online a few days ago. Unless otherwise noted, these teams made it into the league.
- [DA]Clan DA, the team around b0nes, has six members as approved, two more as inactive. As far as I know, this means they do not have enough to participate in the league.
- < )-|gulpttub is a team formed of European TFC pickup players. Nos and sincie are leading this team and have twelve players to choose from.
- The German [~X~]~Xeno-Project~ has been around since late 2001. Sigm@ and Rayzor are leading a team of thirteen. Also, eight of them signed up within the last 24 hours. Close call, guys!
- Team USA, ahem.. sorry, I meant llama legion.ll, constisting of the best North America has to offer. They were able to gather twelve American TFC pickup players. Thanks, Wheaties!
- Ah, right. -/SS/-Swift Soldiers is another American clan that found its way into the 23rd Wireplay TFC League. Oreoman forced twelve players to sign up.
- The lamefest has to wait, because [A0L]Anal Only Lamers (formerly .infinity) only has seven sign-ups. Sorry, but that's just not enough! How lame...
- Bow down before the [KoSm]Kings of Sunday morning, the remainders of all the best European TFC clans ([MsA], at |, ..) present to you eleven players who fight for pride and glory for their Nordic nations. This team incorporates the withdrawn at|.
- Oh, nh.#Noobi-Heaven.. There is nothing objective I can say about my own clan. Only, that if you have a designated driver in a bar, who's like "Well, someone has to drive, so I could just make the best of it", nh. is probably the designated last ranked team, and I give you eleven players who will stand by my side and fight until everyone in TFC knows that NOOBS WILL BE NOOBS. Also, this team includes former J4F members, as they were unable to find enough for their own team.
- Wow, tempted. Good job on actually getting a big RV-Royston Vasey team. With seventeen members this is the biggest team in the current Wireplay TFC season.
- A Spanish oldschool clan? Ok, Erner0 signed up [D3C]Dr3am clan and brought six players with him. Sorry mate, this is not enough.
- Don't let the return of Erner0 stop you, kalimist. eL. is a clan full of Spainiards and those who'd like to be. Having collected eleven players, they will fight in the league.
And that's all we got, guys! Now, maybe it's possible to quickly merge some of the smaller clans. Unless that's possible, we'll now say goodbye to [DA], [AOL] and [D3C]. All others: Have fun and good luck in last league of TFC.
written by: orangensaft
WPTFCL sign-up time is over (no official Wireplay statement) - News Details - GGDB
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