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Leagues / WPTFCL / Wireplay officially starts season 23posted at 13:43 on 7 May 2012
Yesterday b0nes officially started the 23rd Wireplay season. First off, let's see what he wrote.. Eleven teams applied, this means that every team will have a default win in one week. The Wireplay config is now available to download, it prohibits the use of a sniper on normal maps. I strongly recommend looking at both of the configs, especially the AvD config allows some interesting tactics. He also wants everyone to read and understand the rules. (Smart move to write that, I didn't tell people to read the rules two years ago and then got complaints about my decisions in WCTFC.)
Anyways, it's one game a week. If you can't agree on a date with your opponent, you'll have to play on a default date. Then he goes on and says something about how noob and pro teams play in one division and that they shouldn't whine about it. The skill ceiling and floor are quite extreme, I must say. Having a team that is built on a national team (Players of Team USA within .ll) play against a team that is built on a public server community (Royston Vasey) will probably result in a capfest. Nonetheless, b0nes wishes everyone a "gl & hf", and so do I. Let the pwning begin!
I also have some additions to my previous post, in which I wrote a line or two about every team that signed up.
- [DA]Clan DA now has nine players signed up, [GER]daHool may be interesting to keep an eye on here.
- [KoSm]Kings of Sunday morning changed their name to Codename: Classified and have now rostered twelve players.
- [A0L]Anal Only Lamers changed their name to isaninja. and has now listed nine players.
- The following clans also increased their player count: [~X~]~Xeno-Project~: fifteen, -/SS/-Swift Soldiers: sixteen, RV-Royston Vasey: sixteen, eL.: twelve, llama legion.ll: thirteen, nh.#Noobi-Heaven: thirteen, [D3C]Dr3am Clan: eight.
- Nothing changed for < )-|gulpttub.
That's all for now! In the first week the teams will play 2mesa3 and siege, of course both maps are available in the file section of GGDB.
written by: orangensaft

Wireplay TFC League
2mesa3 in the GGDB file section
Wireplay officially starts season 23 - News Details - GGDB
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